Vaulting Security to New Levels

Sterling Series Safe Deposit Boxes


The Sterling Series safe deposit boxes incorporate the most desired features in today’s marketplace. Continued growth and expansion requires financial concerns to be ready to move, expand, consoli- date, provide mini offices and change operations overnight. The system's modularity makes the most use of vault space with configurations to meet your needs.



Secure Construction

The casing is ¼-inch aluminum nosing surrounding entire nest with galvanized steel outside housing.



Doors are stainless steel clad cast composite, and provide flexibility to withstand today’s lock-pulling technology.


Bond Boxes

Heavy-duty, metal construction.

Top opening ¾-length lid with hasp fastener.


Hinge System

The Sterling Series features aircraft aluminum Safe-T hinges that are self-aligning to ensure a solid fit for each door.



The Sterling Series features nickel plated lock nose, UL-listed 5400-style locks.


Also available are optional self-service single locks.


Numbering System

The Sterling Series features number plates with white numbers in a black field or black numbers on a gold field.



The Sterling Series is available for immediate delivery. Standard size, self-aligning construction and self-aligning hinges allow for quick installation, instant cash flow and customer retention.

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