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Class M DEA Vault Panels

To meet SEC. 1301.72 of DEA requirements, VSI offers the U.L.* listed Class M vault panels and vault door.  The modular vault system includes vault panels that are equivalent to the 8” reinforced concrete for pour in placed vaults described in SEC 1301.72. The vault door and frame should conform to 10 man-minutes against forced entry as also stated in SEC 1301.72 under the Class M label which carries a UL rating** of 15 minutes. Although these are American specifications for DEA approved vaults, VSI can adhere to any international security codes and specifications. VSI Class M vaults and their international rating equivalent can be found all around the world in countries such as Canada and Australia.


For controlled substance storage, all three of the vault panel systems offered by VSI are suitable: concrete panel system (Aegvs), lightweight panel system (Vision) and high density concrete panel system (Hercvlite). Concrete vault panels are the most commonly used panels for modular vaults although the lightweight vault panel system can be used where weight and size constraints may exist or in high rises. Vault panels are constructed using U.L.* panels and other U.L. listed products including vault doors and vault ventilating ports.


Aegvs (Concrete Vault Panels)

Concrete Class M vault panels are 3” thick and weigh 40 lbs. per square foot. The concrete vault panels are manufactured from a combination of concrete products and security fibers enclosed within an electrostatic coated metal frame.


Vision (Lightweight Vault Panels)

Lightweight Class M vault panels are 3-1/2” thick and weigh 19 lbs. per square foot. These vault panels weight less than half of the concrete panels but still carry the same rating. The pressurized laminate is enclosed in corrosion resistant galvanized steel.


Hercvlite (High Density Concrete Vault Panels)

Hercvlite Class M vault panels are 2” thick and weigh 28 lbs. per square foot. These high density concrete vault panels are composed of Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) and have a 2-1/2 – 3 times greater PSI than the standard concrete vault panels.


* U.L. Underwriter Laboratories U.L. 608 Standard


**The ratings are in minutes and these are based on actual attack minutes (not including breaks for changing tools, reviewing plans etc.) for a three-man team. The goal is to create a man size opening of 96 square inches opening in, between two vault panels, or at the floor level of a vault. The team uses a prescribed list of tools. The vault panels undergo a U.L. retest every seven years because of the improved tools and methods. The base for the test was the original generic vault in the 70's, which has never been retested.



Vision Lightweight Modular Vault Panels

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AEGVS Concrete Modular Vault Panels

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Hercvlite Vault Panels

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Sample Vault Drawings

Canadian Double

Stack Controlled Substance Vault

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Class M Double
Stack Controlled Substance Vault

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Class M Double Stack - Add On Vault

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