Vaulting Security to New Levels

DEA Approved Wire Cages

In addition to offering DEA approved Class M vaults and doors for storing Schedules I and II controlled substances, Vault Structures has partnered with WireCrafters (the nation's leading manufacturer of wire partitions and other related material handling products) to offer DEA approved wire cages for storing Schedules III, IV and V controlled substances.


To meet SEC. 1301.72 of DEA requirements, the wire cages must meet the following specifications:


• The walls must be built of not less than No. 10 gauge steel

• Steel must have mesh construction with opening no larger than 2-1/2” across the square

• Walls must be mounted on steel posts that are a minimum of 1” in diameter, are either set in concrete or installed with lag bolt, and are placed at a maximum of 10 feet apart with horizontal 1-1/2” reinforcements every 60 inches.

• Ceiling should be constructed of the same materials of the wall, or erected to reach the structural ceiling of the building it is in.

• Panel mounts flush to the floor.

• Door is constructed of No. 10 gauge steel and is both self-closing and self-locking.

VSI DEA Approved Storage

Sample DEA Wire Cage

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