Vaulting Security to New Levels

AEGVS Concrete Vault Panels

Over the years, modular vault panels have become the preferred security solution by end users over your typical poured in place vault system due to the efficiencies and customization a modular vault system provides. The Aegvs concrete modular vault panels are VSI’s most cost efficient type of vault panel for providing security of goods in various industries. The vault panels are fabricated out of concrete products and security fibers and tested by Underwriter Laboratories to ensure they meet the Safety Standard U.L 608.


The concrete modular vault panels are available in all UL classes and are designed to fit together onsite to create a modular vault system specific to the customer’s needs.  VSI’s fabrication process does not require the use of molds to form the vault panel. This concept allows VSI accommodate almost any vault design possible.


The Aegvs vault panels are typically used where weight is not a concern for end users and ideal for new construction projects.


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